Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Listing Mania

I have just created two posts on this blog to track my bird sightings for 2006. They are:

I backdated both posts to midnight on January 1 so that they would not gum up the main page. Both are long because they contain more or less the full species list for the District of Columbia in tabular form. Both are linked from the sidebar, in their own box right under the "About Me" box.

By the way, creating and formatting a table in Blogger is a real pain. Unfortunately this blog software does not have a table function, so they must be coded (at least in part) by hand. The other nasty surprise is that there will be a large amount of white space unless you delete every line break in your table code, leaving code that is virtually unreadable. I can see now why some serious bloggers become eager to find better blogging software.