Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Loose Feathers #40

News and links about birds, birding, and the environment.

  • Even though the USFWS did not see fit to list the Gunnison sage grouse as an endangered species, the Bureau of Land Management annouced that it will continue its protections for the species on BLM lands. One has to wonder, though, how strong these protections will be given the determination of some in the Congress and administration to give away exploitation rights to the same land. The Gunnison sage grouse remains one of the most threatened bird species in North America.
  • Michigan is beginning a cormorant control program to reduce the numbers of cormorants on its lakes. Cormorants there are blamed for reducing fish populations and various other offenses, and will be controlled with a combination of scare tactics and shooting.
  • The Columbus Dispatch informs us about the habits of the Louisiana waterthrush.
  • The excellent Firefly Forest Blog has relocated.