Thursday, May 25, 2006

House Approves ANWR Drilling

This afternoon the House passed a bill authorizing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The vote was 225-201. Go here to see how your representative voted. Proponents claim that the oil there would lower gas prices and increase energy security. However, since the first barrels of oil would not be available for another 10 years at the earliest, and since there is disagreement over exactly how much oil is there, it is unlikely to make a difference any time soon. What the drilling will do is disrupt the breeding grounds of many species of birds and mammals. Some birds that breed there migrate into our area for the winter.

As with last summer's unsuccessful bill, the principal backer for this year's attempt at drilling has been Congressman Richard Pombo. People, of CA-11, please vote him out!

Last year's bill went on to die in the Senate, where it was the subject of a filibuster. I assume it will this year as well, but we should not take that for granted.