Saturday, July 01, 2006

Loose Feathers #53

News and links about birds, birding, and the environment.

  • Earlier this spring about 2,000 terns nested on a barge on the shore of Long Beach, California. On Wednesday, about 300 baby terns were found dead from drowning and hypothermia in the waters off Long Beach. Investigators are checking the possibility of foul play. On Friday, another 100 washed ashore.
  • North Carolina is opening a new birding trail along its coast. New Jersey recently completed birding trails along the Delaware Bay and the North Jersey Meadowlands as well.
  • In Hawaii, dogs recently broke into the Na Aina Kai Tropical Botanical Gardens, a protected area for seabird nesting, and killed fifteen Laysan Albatrosses.
  • NASA has been trapping vultures and scouring the local roads for carcasses in preparation for the upcoming launch of the space shuttle Discovery. A vulture collision during takeoff could damage the shuttle's protective foam. All vultures will be released once the shuttle is in orbit.
  • Registration has begun for the 2006 Wings Over Water Festival. This festival celebrates waterfowl that winter on the North Carolina coast. This year's festival will be held from November 7-12.
  • Darksyde explains the problem with Greenland's glaciers.
  • Charlie and his girlfriend have a new blog.
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  • Circus of the Spineless #10 is also available.
  • Also, visit the very first Festival of the Trees. The next edition will be August 1.