Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conservation Foe Defeated

Among the 28 pickups that allowed Democrats to retake a majority in the House of Representatives was a victory in the 11th Congressional District of California. This district has been represented by Richard Pombo, a Republican who has repeatedly tried to undermine the Endangered Species Act and give away mineral rights to corporations. In Washington, DC, he tried to sell off Roosevelt Island - a National Park - to real estate developers to build luxury homes. He was defeated by Democrat Jerry McNerney, 53% to 47%.

In significant local races, Adrian Fenty won the DC mayoral election, Ben Cardin defeated Michael Steele for Senate in Maryland, Michael O'Malley unseated Bob Ehrlich as Governor of Maryland, and the Virginia Senate race will require a recount, though Jim Webb is leading George Allen. Maryland approved the ballot question to restrict sales of public lands.