Saturday, December 30, 2006

Birding Year in Review - DC

At the beginning of the year, I enumerated some new DC birds that I hoped to see in 2006. I also set myself a goal of reaching 200 species on my DC life list. I did not reach 200, but I came close, ending with 196 total species. There's always 2007 to add the others.

Here are the 18 new DC birds that I saw this year.

  1. Greater Scaup
  2. American Bittern
  3. Canvasback
  4. Broad-winged Hawk
  5. Louisiana Waterthrush
  6. Vesper Sparrow
  7. Blue Grosbeak
  8. Eastern Meadowlark
  9. Northern Shoveler
  10. Northern Waterthrush
  11. Cape May Warbler
  12. Sedge Wren
  13. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
  14. Cerulean Warbler
  15. Bobolink
  16. American Woodcock
  17. Mourning Warbler
  18. Great Horned Owl
Links go to the post describing the first sighting; many are bunched together during spring migration. The largest gap between new species is between the mourning warbler at the end of May and the great horned owl during the Washington CBC.