Monday, July 28, 2008

Birding by Metro Guide

When I lived in D.C., I did almost all of my birding by public transportation. Though initially I was dubious and somewhat intimidated by the D.C.'s complex rail and bus system, I found that I could visit almost all of the city's prime birding spots and see many bird species by Metro. In May 2004, I did a big day by Metro and observed 77 species. Each year I saw anywhere from 140 to 170 species within the District, using mostly public transportation for getting around. D.C. contains amazing biodiversity within its borders, and one does not a car to see it!

A few years ago, I began gathering and editing information to create a comprehensive guide to birding by public transportation in D.C. Some of that information was incorporated into the Birding Around DC guide for the DC Audubon website, and some of it became a series of posts on this blog. The final version is now complete.

You can find the web version of the birding by Metro guide here:

Inside the guide you will find detailed information about how to get to the city's birding sites and what birds you can expect to see there. The sites are grouped by Metro line and city quadrant. I also created a brochure version, funded through a grant by Audubon MD-DC, which will be distributed at future chapter events and local bird festivals.

If you have any suggestions about the guide, please email them to