Friday, January 23, 2009

Loose Feathers #171

Long-eared Owl in a Snow Storm / Photo by Bruce Yolton

Bird and birding news
  • At least some of the brown pelicans that have been turning up confused and starving in California were injured by frostbite, thanks to a harsh cold front in early December. Frostbite does not explain the situation entirely, however, since at least some had domoic acid poisoning. Other tests are in progress.
  • Climate change would force European aquatic birds to shift their breeding ranges, with northern birds moving north and eastern birds moving south. (Incidentally, check out their photograph of "aquatic birds" – two ducks and two pigeons?)
  • Petty's Island in South Jersey will be preserved as a wildlife refuge with eventual public access. The island has Camden County's only nesting pair of bald eagles.
  • Two Ivory Gulls are being seen in Massachusetts – one in Gloucester and one in Plymouth.
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