Sunday, February 22, 2009

Binocular Bands

Via birdchaser comes this initiative in Maine:

For years bird bands have helped biologists understand migratory bird population trends and habitat needs. Now the Maine Birder Band is available as a tool for wildlife watchers of all stripes to support the non-game and endangered species conservation efforts of your Wildlife Department.

The Maine Birder Band can be proudly worn on your binocular strap to show your support for bird conservation. The number on each band will be registered to the buyer, and bands include a phone number where lost and recovered optics can be reported allowing us to notify the registered owner.

Just $20/year contribution supports Maine birds, bird habitat and birding access and earns you a Maine Birders Band.
There is no indication of how many birders have signed up for one, or might be likely to. However, it sounds like a creative way to raise additional money for underfunded refuges. I wonder if other states or organizations will follow their example.