Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fourth Blogiversary

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It was four years ago today, June 18, 2005, that I published my first post here at A DC Birding Blog. Since then I have published over 1,740 posts on numerous topics from bird sightings to how climate change will affect the birds we love to technology that might be useful for birding. The blog has gone through several stages. While I originally intended it as a place for me to post my bird sightings, it is now more of a bird news blog.

The blogosphere has also changed considerably since my first post. At that time it was still possible to keep track of most, if not all, bird blogs; in 2009 that is close to impossible. Some old friends have stopped blogging, while I continue to find interesting new blogs. I am sure that there are more changes in store as this blog enters its fifth year (and beyond).

Thank you to everyone who has read or commented over the past year. Your participation makes maintaining the site very rewarding.