Thursday, October 22, 2009

SkyWatch: Looking up at Trees

Sometimes the best way to appreciate fall foliage is by looking up. When leaves are backlit by the sun their golds and reds look even brighter than the whole tree does at a distance. The crooked shapes of the branches stand out more too, in contrast to the bright leaves and sky.

In central New Jersey, we are in the midst of the first wave of color changes. Right now Sugar Maples and Honey Locusts are at their peak, and Red Maples and dogwoods are close. Most oaks and the invasive Norway Maples have not turned yet. In time, those will change too, the oaks to deep reds and the Norway Maples to pale yellow.

Of course, not every tree is changing; some of them are dead but still majestic like this Black Walnut.

More photos are my Flickr account.