Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Moths

I saw my first moth of 2010 on the evening of New Year's Day – a tiny micromoth I disturbed when I picked up a towel. Despite its small size (about 6 mm), its wings have an intricate pattern of dark and light browns. That such patterns can appear on an otherwise nondescript insect is one reason I find moths so fascinating. I still do not know this creature's identity, though it bears some resemblance to the Webbing Clothes Moth.

I saw my first outdoors moth of the year when I was at the Great Swamp on Saturday. This is another micromoth, no larger than 10 mm. Once again I am not sure of the moth's identity; my best guess is that it may be a Fruit-Tree Leafroller Moth. As with the previous moth, this moth's wing pattern is more intricate at close range than it appears at a distance.

Micromoths are a difficult group, with many species, so these will probably stay unidentified for a while.