Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Flowers

Yesterday I was at Buck Garden in Somerset County. Many spring flowers were in bloom. Here are a few that I photographed. Above is Marsh Marigold, which was growing in a large mass near one of the ponds. You can see an individual flower here.

This is a dark-leaved Jack-in-the-pulpit.

Troutlilies were growing and blooming along several trails. This plant was larger than the wild troutlilies that I am used to seeing, and its leaves were not very mottled. Otherwise, it has the same basic structure as the wild version.

Virginia Bluebells are not an easy flower to photograph since the stems bend so much under the weight of the flowers. But they are a pretty shade of blue.

I saw one bloodroot plant, this Double Bloodroot, whose leaves were beautifully lit by the late morning sun. The plant is named for its reddish rhizome that contains a toxic sap.

Visit my Flickr account for larger versions of these images and a few more flowers that I did not include here.