Monday, June 07, 2010

Some Recent Moths

With the return of warmer weather, moths have been more active. Here are a few that I have encountered recently, starting with two that came to the back door. Above is a Thin-lined Owlet (Isogona tenuis), which has a striking pattern even if it appears to be mostly brown. Below is a Speckled Renia Moth (Renia adspergillus).

I have a few more moths from the back door that I may post here once I have them identified. Some, like this plain micromoth, will probably stay unidentified for the time being.

There were a few moths active at Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Preserve on Saturday; I was able to catch up with two. Above is a Common Gray Moth (Anavitrinella pampinaria). I never would have noticed it flush against the side of a tree if it had not flown in front of me. The second appears to be a Metarranthis moth. For now, I am calling it Common Metarranthis (Metarranthis hypochraria), but it could be one of the other species in that genus as all are variable in appearance.