Friday, March 18, 2011

Loose Feathers # 282

Birds and birding news
  • The tsunami generated by Japan's recent earthquake washed over many Pacific islands used for nesting by seabirds, including Midway Atoll. Visit the USFWS Pacific photostream to see images of the damage. The endangered Short-tailed Albatross chick (pictured above) managed to survive the tsunami. You can read more about it at Pete Leary's blog.
  • A study explored why birds collide with human-made obstacles such as buildings and wind turbines by examining how their sensory information. Part of the reason is that they are more likely to be looking down or to the sides than straight ahead. Birds' forward vision may also be tuned to detect movement rather than stationary obstacles.
  • Oklahoma wildlife officials are trying to rebuild the state's Northern Bobwhite population, which has declined in recent years.
Birds in the blogosphere
Environment and biodiversity
  • A recent study found 89 cases of national parks and protected areas being shrunk or abolished over the past century.
  • A new population of the rare Andean cat was discovered in central Argentina. The find was significant both for extending the cat's known range and because this population occurs at a much lower altitude than any of the other known populations.