Saturday, October 08, 2011

Early Autumn Butterflies

While many butterflies are already past their flight periods, some are still flying in good numbers. There are, of course, Monarchs that have been migrating through in a steady stream. However, they are not the only ones present.

Late summer and early autumn seems to be the prime season of Common Buckeyes in New Jersey. They are present for most of the warmer months, but I usually do not see them in such numbers as in early October.

Common Buckeyes are easily recognized by their eyespots and the white and red markings along the leading edge of the forewing.

Other butterflies that fly throughout the summer are also present, like this Orange Sulphur.

Early autumn is also a good time to spot southern butterflies that have strayed north. A regular southern visitor to New Jersey is the Fiery Skipper. The primary range of this species is in the southeast, but it wanders north from August to October.