Friday, August 21, 2015

Loose Feathers #508

Roseate Tern / Photo by Kirk Rogers/USFWS
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  • Hillary Clinton has come out against oil drilling in the Arctic.
  • Trail cameras recorded wolf pups in northern California. Prior to wolf OR7's visit to the state in 2011, no wolf had been recorded in California since 1924.
  • Some scientists may have found a way to immunize bats against white-nose syndrome.
  • A worldwide survey of non-native plants found that there are 13,168 species that are not native to places where they currently grow and that North America has the highest number of non-native species.
  • Activists call for increasing the share of wind and solar power in New Jersey's next Energy Master Plan. 
  • Progress has been slow on improving management of the newly-created San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.
  • So many coastal towns have been building sea walls that now 14% of the U.S. coastline is covered in concrete.