Friday, September 14, 2018

Loose Feathers #663

Black Tern / Photo by Ken Sturm/USFWS
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Climate change and environmental politics
  • Tidal wetlands are threatened by sea level rise, so management will be needed to allow them to migrate to higher elevations, especially in populated areas.
  • Several years ago North Carolina banned state agencies from using climate science in disaster and development planning for coastal areas. 
  • Political appointees in the Interior Department have similarly blocked the department's agencies (like the National Park Service) from mentioning climate change in their long-term planning documents.
  • Many hog farms and coal ash dumps lie in the path of Hurricane Florence and have potential to add environmental disasters to the natural disaster of the hurricane.
  • Cape Town narrowly avoided running out of water, but the efforts to do so revealed societal fissures. The water crisis gave a hint of what politics will be like in the next few decades.