Friday, May 31, 2019

Loose Feathers #700

Great Black-backed Gull / Photo by Amanda Boyd/USFWS
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Climate change and environmental politics
  • Climate change is uncovering the bodies of dead hikers on Mount Everest and may make the ascent more difficult in the future as its snowpack and glaciers continue to melt.
  • A concerning trend is the rise of extinction denialism, usually working in parallel with climate change denialism. 
  • Even though Trump administration officials seem to understand that climate change is real, they have been doing all they can to suppress any use of climate science
  • One example of that is their farcical attempt to rebrand natural gas as "freedom gas."
  • Two proposed natural gas pipelines in Virginia have run into legal trouble because of shortcuts the companies used (with the cooperation of regulators) to get their pipelines approved. 
  • The Interior Department postponed a plan to lease lands near Chaco Canyon for fossil fuel drilling.
  • States in the Colorado River's watershed recently agreed to a new framework for dividing the river's water, but a new round of negotiations may be more contentious.
  • A former government employee says that he was pressured by the Trump administration to approve development plans no matter the environmental consequences. 
  • The towns of Brigantine, Avalon, and Stone Harbor in New Jersey are banning plastic bags as of this weekend.