Friday, August 23, 2019

Loose Feathers #711

Barred Owl (my photo)
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Biodiviersity and conservation
Climate change and environmental politics
  • The big environmental story this week has been the burning of the Amazon, where fires have increased by 85% since the beginning of the year. Brazil's president blames NGOs, but most likely the fires are part of a deliberate strategy of deforestation. The extent of the fires can be seen in satellite imagery
  • The Democratic National Committee voted down a proposal for a debate focused on climate change despite pressure from activists. 
  • Parts of the border wall extension will cross floodplains and put people in danger from flooding on both sides of the Rio Grande.
  • The regulatory changes regarding enforcement of the Endangered Species Act could affect conservation in Canada as well, especially as some provincial governments are making similar changes.
  • Washington, DC, is about 5% more humid than in 1970 and 10% more humid than in 1950. The reason seems to be climate change, since warmer air can hold more moisture.