Friday, March 20, 2020

Loose Feathers #741

Brown-headed Cowbirds / my photo
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Biodiversity and conservation
  • The Forest Service is finishing work on removing 81 dams from watersheds within Cleveland National Forest in California to reopen the streams for spawning fish. Most of the dams are small and date to the mid-20th century. Like small dams removed elsewhere, many had become safety hazards.
  • Like other marine animals, sea turtles may eat plastic because it smells like food. The odor is probably caused by algae or other microbes growing on the plastic.
  • Lack of experience with nature leads some people to fear it and hampers conservation efforts
  • At least some toads can heal themselves of a chytrid infection by basking in the open and raising their body temperatures to a point that kills the fungus.
  • Tracking data from seabirds and marine mammals is being used to find biodiversity hotspots in the Southern Ocean.
  • Seattle is redesigning its seawall along Elliott Bay to make it more hospitable to marine life.
  • Monarch migration to Mexico dropped by 53%.
Climate change and environmental politics