Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chesapeake Initiative

Environmental groups such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation may be joining forces with farmers in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to improve the health of the bay. The groups are seeking a redistribution of agricultural subsidies that would strengthen local farms and allow for technology that would reduce pollution and erosion. Agriculture has been a major source of bay pollution in the past because of runoff from fertilizer and pesticides. But suburban sprawl may pose an even greater threat of pollution.

Lights Out New York

In New York City, the Parks Department and NYC Audubon are encouraging building owners to turn off nonessential lighting at night during peak migration periods. The program is meant to reduce the deaths caused when migrating birds become disoriented due to skyscraper lights and either crash into buildings or fly in circles to the point of exhaustion. The program appears to be voluntary, but cooperation is expected. Chicago has a similar program in place.

Update: There is more information about lights and migratory birds at the Fatal Lights Awareness Program website.

Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank #37 is now up at milkriverblog.