Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Gull Blogging #4

It has been a month since my last edition of Friday Gull Blogging, so I think it is high time to resurrect this feature. As I have explained before, a good urban birding experience requires that one be able to take satisfaction in observing the common birds and not be disappointed in a lack of rarities. Though they may infuriating at times in their commonness, ring-billed gulls are fun to watch.

This gull has a piece of something in its mouth, but cannot quite manage to swallow it. I was unsure at the time whether it was a fish, a crustacean, or plastic.

Different gull, same railing.

Gulls like to line up along the guard rails at East Potomac Park. By the end of the winter, they manage to paint the sidewalks quite white.

The above images are from a walk several weeks ago.