Monday, March 20, 2006


Today is the first day of spring according to the solar calendar, but the weather does not seem to be paying much attention. We could get a minor snowstorm tomorrow:

Light snow should begin falling shortly after sunrise tomorrow, and it may not stop until midnight, National Weather Service meteorologist Nikole Listemaa said today. The largest accumulations are expected to the north and west of the District, she said.

"In the Washington area, we have a very, very slight chance of some snow tonight," Listemaa said. "By dawn, we think there's a 60 percent chance of precipitation, and we think it will turn to snow. We could have a changeover to snow and sleet in the afternoon. Then, after sunset, we expect a changeover to all snow. "

I doubt this will have much impact, but in Washington, you never know. It does seem appropriate that we begin spring with a snowstorm after a winter that rarely lived up to its name.