Friday, June 16, 2006

First Friday Writing Contest

Amy at WildBird on the Fly is introducing a writing contest for birding fiction. Here are the details:

I'd like to suggest First Friday, a monthly writing contest with a 500-word limit. Why 500? Because it's just 5 percent of the total number of bird species. (Isn't that a mind-boggling concept?)

Let's agree that a story contains four ingredients: a setting, a character or characters, a conflict and a resolution. I'd like to add a rule for our purposes: The birds will not be anthropomorphized. The judges will include wordsmiths in and out of the birding world.


Please send your short story via e-mail on Wednesday, July 5. I'll post the winning piece on Friday the 7th.

Best entry wins a book from Wildbird.

(via 10,000 Birds)

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