Monday, June 26, 2006

Storms Causing Problems

The heavy downpours of the last two days have been causing some major problems on the region's transportation systems. The Beltway is shut down around the Wilson Bridge because of a mudslide along Cameron Run, and several other roads are shut down in places, including Independence and Constitution Avenues along the Mall. Amtrak, MARC, and VRE are all either shut down or have limited service in and out of DC. Several Metro stations are closed due to flooding as well. (See here for closings.) What a mess! And there is plenty more to come, as rain is predicted for the next several days. At least the mini-drought is over.

Update: Apparently the waters of Cameron Run have flooded a housing development in Huntington in Fairfax County. The articles describes the waters as "sewage-infested" but does not give further explanation. I guess Fairfax has the same problem as DC in that regard.

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