Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blog Stuff

If you look down at my site meter, you will see that A DC Birding Blog had its 25,000th visitor early this morning. Hello to Sweden! In honor of the occasion I decided to do a word cloud for my site.

If you are looking for hacks to improve your Blogger template, one repository of such things is the Bloggerhacks wiki. There you can find information about various tagging and social bookmarking methods, how to implement categories, and so forth. Some of the material may be made irrelevant with the new Blogger upgrade, but a lot will still be usable once the new HTML editor is put in place.

Since I am involved with a group blog at Blue Ridge Gazette, I still have not seen the upgrade that happened last week. (Blogger is allowing upgrades incrementally, and group bloggers are being saved for last.) I am looking forward to seeing what the new system can do. Having a real, native categories system should be a major improvement.

Finally, I have been making a number of template changes over the past few days. One is the addition of a new search box in the left sidebar, which can be restricted to this site. If you notice specific elements causing problems, please let me know.