Thursday, March 15, 2007

Climate Crisis Action Day

On next Tuesday, March 20, there will be a Climate Crisis Action Day outside the U.S. Capitol. The event is intended to induce Congress to pass the Arctic Wilderness Act and legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Action day will begin at 11 AM with an inspiring lineup of speakers including celebrities, well known US representatives and senators, and leaders from faith organizations, labor groups, sporting and business organizations, and conservation groups. Alaska Natives and members of the Gwich’in Nation will also share their firsthand experiences about the challenges of global warming and the threat of oil drilling in the arctic. Following this inspirational two hour program, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with their members of Congress and urge them to support the Arctic Wilderness Act and legislation that will combat global warming and support clean energy.
The organizers of the event are asking participants to register in advance. The linked site gives transportation options and directions.

Follow-up: My impression of the rally.