Thursday, March 08, 2007

I and the Bird #44

Two years ago there was only on bird blog for DC, the DC Audubon blog (formerly here, now here). This stood in contrast to New York City and its surrounding area, which were home to several blogs at the time. Since then the number in that city has grown considerably. One reason I started this blog almost two years ago was to fill that gap. Since then, I have been joined by two other bird bloggers (here and here), but the DC field is still open for others to join the local bird blogging world.

Despite the relative lack of blogs specifically dedicated to birding, there has not been a lack of blogging about birds in the Washington area. One source is The Greenbelt, in Maryland. The Greenbelt covers everything from liberal politics to the intricacies of modern languages. Between those more weighty subjects, the proprietor manages to fit regular posts about birds. Today she is hosting I and the Bird, the biweekly carnival celebrating the best recent blogging about birds and birding.

So I encourage you to visit I and the Bird #44: Science and Serendipity, Words and Pictures.