Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strange Sightings in Canada

An unusual bird appeared in Canada, courtesy of recent storms:

The red-billed tropicbird, or phaethon aethereus, was discovered in a driveway in Three Fathom Harbour in eastern Nova Scotia province last week, said Hope Swinimer, director of the Hope for Wildlife Society.

A local man had found the black-and-white striped sea bird with long tail feathers in his driveway. He bathed it, fed it, and brought it to the wildlife refuge, which briefly cared for the bird.


"In the last six or seven years, we've had more and more strange birds wash up on our shores, including a white pelican and a brown pelican, and 75 cuckoo birds last year, usually after big storms," she told AFP.
The rest of the article discusses the relationships among rare bird sightings, tropical storm systems, and climate change.