Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 BIGBY List

BIGBY is an acronym for "Big Green Big Year." This is a list of all the species that I see in 2008 while using only foot, self-propelled vehicles, or public transportation. For a longer explanation, see here.

Common NameLocationDate
1Snow GooseJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
2BrantJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
3Canada GooseDonaldson Park1/1/2008
4Mute SwanKearny Marsh1/28/2008
5GadwallJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
6American Black DuckJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
7MallardDonaldson Park1/1/2008
8Blue-winged TealCape May Point SP8/27/2008
9Northern ShovelerJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
10Green-winged TealJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
11Greater ScaupJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
12BuffleheadDonaldson Park1/21/2008
13Common GoldeneyeJohnson Park1/6/2008
14Hooded MerganserDonaldson Park2/23/2008
15Common MerganserJohnson Park1/6/2008
16Red-breasted MerganserJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
17Ruddy DuckJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
18Common LoonJohnson Park1/6/2008
19Double-crested CormorantDonaldson Park1/2/2008
20Great CormorantDonaldson Park1/1/2008
21Great Blue HeronJohnson Park1/6/2008
22Great EgretJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
23Snowy EgretCape May Point SP8/26/2008
24Little Blue HeronCape May Point SP8/27/2008
25Tricolored HeronCMBO Hawk Watch9/1/2008
26Green HeronCape May Point SP8/26/2008
27Black-crowned Night-HeronCape May Point SP9/4/2008
28Glossy IbisCape May Point SP8/26/2008
29Black VultureNew Brunswick4/26/2008
30Turkey VultureDonaldson Park2/27/2008
31OspreyJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
32Bald EagleDonaldson Park2/23/2008
33Northern HarrierJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
34Sharp-shinned HawkJohnson Park1/6/2008
35Cooper's HawkUnion Square1/28/2008
36Red-tailed HawkDonaldson Park1/1/2008
37American KestrelUnion Square1/28/2008
38MerlinCMBO Hawk Watch9/1/2008
39Peregrine FalconUnion Square1/28/2008
40American CootCentral Park3/29/2008
41Semipalmated PloverCape May Point SP8/26/2008
42KilldeerDonaldson Park2/21/2008
43American OystercatcherJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
44Spotted SandpiperCape May Point SP8/29/2008
45Solitary SandpiperDonaldson Park5/19/2008
46Greater YellowlegsCape May Point SP8/26/2008
47Lesser YellowlegsCape May Point SP8/26/2008
48Ruddy TurnstoneCape May - The Rips8/24/2008
49SanderlingCape May - The Rips8/24/2008
50Semipalmated SandpiperCape May Point SP8/27/2008
51Least SandpiperDonaldson Park5/19/2008
52Baird's SandpiperCape May Point SP9/4/2008
53Pectoral SandpiperCape May Point SP8/27/2008
54Short-billed DowitcherCape May Point SP8/26/2008
55Laughing GullCape May - The Rips8/24/2008
56Bonaparte's GullDonaldson Park1/30/2008
57Ring-billed GullDonaldson Park1/1/2008
58Herring GullDonaldson Park1/1/2008
59Lesser Black-backed GullJohnson Park1/6/2008
60Great Black-backed GullDonaldson Park1/1/2008
61Least TernCape May - The Rips8/24/2008
62Gull-billed TernCape May - Sunset Beach8/26/2008
63Black TernCape May - The Rips8/27/2008
64Common TernCape May - The Rips8/27/2008
65Forster's TernCape May Point SP8/26/2008
66Royal TernCape May - The Rips8/27/2008
67Black SkimmerCape May Point SP8/30/2008
68Rock PigeonDonaldson Park1/2/2008
69Mourning DoveHome1/1/2008
70Long-eared OwlCentral Park1/28/2008
71Chimney SwiftDonaldson Park5/19/2008
72Ruby-throated HummingbirdCape May Point SP8/27/2008
73Belted KingfisherJohnson Park1/6/2008
74Red-bellied WoodpeckerDonaldson Park1/2/2008
75Yellow-bellied SapsuckerUnion Square1/28/2008
76Downy WoodpeckerJohnson Park1/6/2008
77Hairy WoodpeckerDonaldson Park1/21/2008
78Northern FlickerDonaldson Park1/2/2008
79Eastern Wood-PeweeHigbee Beach8/31/2008
80Least FlycatcherCape May Point SP8/27/2008
81Eastern PhoebeJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
82Great Crested FlycatcherCape May Point SP8/29/2008
83Eastern KingbirdDonaldson Park5/19/2008
84White-eyed VireoHigbee Beach8/31/2008
85Warbling VireoDonaldson Park5/19/2008
86Philadelphia VireoCape May Point SP9/4/2008
87Red-eyed VireoCape May Point SP9/3/2008
88Blue JayDonaldson Park1/2/2008
89American CrowDonaldson Park1/1/2008
90Fish CrowJohnson Park1/6/2008
91Purple MartinCape May - The Rips8/27/2008
92Tree SwallowJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
93Northern Rough-winged SwallowDonaldson Park4/11/2008
94Bank SwallowDonaldson Park5/19/2008
95Barn SwallowDonaldson Park5/19/2008
96Carolina ChickadeeDonaldson Park1/25/2008
97Black-capped ChickadeeDonaldson Park1/2/2008
98Tufted TitmouseJohnson Park1/6/2008
99Red-breasted NuthatchCentral Park1/28/2008
100White-breasted NuthatchDonaldson Park1/2/2008
101Brown CreeperJohnson Park1/6/2008
102Carolina WrenDonaldson Park1/2/2008
103House WrenDonaldson Park4/23/2008
104Golden-crowned KingletJohnson Park1/6/2008
105Blue-gray GnatcatcherCape May Point SP8/26/2008
106Hermit ThrushJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
107American RobinDonaldson Park1/2/2008
108Gray CatbirdDonaldson Park4/23/2008
109Northern MockingbirdHome1/2/2008
110Brown ThrasherHigbee Beach8/31/2008
111European StarlingJohnson Park1/6/2008
112American PipitDonaldson Park2/23/2008
113Cedar WaxwingCape May - Sunset Beach8/26/2008
114Blue-winged WarblerCape May Point SP9/2/2008
115Northern ParulaHome5/15/2008
116Yellow WarblerHome5/1/2008
117Magnolia WarblerCape May Point SP9/2/2008
118Black-throated Blue WarblerCape May Point SP8/26/2008
119Yellow-rumped WarblerJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
120Prairie WarblerCape May Point SP9/2/2008
121Black-and-white WarblerHigbee Beach8/31/2008
122American RedstartCape May Point SP8/26/2008
123OvenbirdHigbee Beach8/31/2008
124Northern WaterthrushCape May Point SP8/29/2008
125Common YellowthroatCape May Point SP8/27/2008
126Western TanagerCentral Park3/29/2008
127Eastern TowheeHome4/30/2008
128American Tree SparrowDonaldson Park1/2/2008
129Chipping SparrowHome4/14/2008
130Savannah SparrowDonaldson Park2/23/2008
131Song SparrowDonaldson Park1/1/2008
132White-throated SparrowHome1/1/2008
133Dark-eyed JuncoHome1/1/2008
134Northern CardinalDonaldson Park1/2/2008
135Indigo BuntingSouth Cape May Meadows8/28/2008
136BobolinkCMBO Hawk Watch9/1/2008
137Red-winged BlackbirdDonaldson Park2/7/2008
138Rusty BlackbirdJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
139Common GrackleDonaldson Park1/25/2008
140Boat-tailed GrackleJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
141Brown-headed CowbirdDonaldson Park2/19/2008
142Baltimore OrioleHome5/8/2008
143Scott's OrioleUnion Square1/28/2008
144House FinchDonaldson Park1/2/2008
145Common RedpollJamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge3/29/2008
146American GoldfinchDonaldson Park1/1/2008
147House SparrowHome1/1/2008

Last updated: 9/6/08