Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cape May Insects

These are a few insects that I saw in Beaver Swamp WMA in Cape May County this weekend. First off is a dragonfly, a Slaty Skimmer. It was very cooperative as I maneuvered my camera into position to take the photo. I think this is one of the better dragonfly photos I have taken since I got this camera.

Next, I have some butterfly photos. With some exceptions, skippers are almost always difficult to identify as they are tiny and their field marks may not be visible at all angles. I believe that the following two photos are of Broad-winged Skippers, but I am happy to hear other opinions. There were a lot of these flying among the plants at the edge of the swamp. These two were the most cooperative.

Finally, I have one more butterfly, which I think is a Horace's Duskywing. Like the grass skippers, duskywings can also be difficult as their identification requires careful study of subtle patterns. This one seems to have had a close encounter with a kingbird.

There were many other insects patrolling the dam trail at Beaver Swamp. Other butterflies included a Monarch and a Silver-spotted Skipper, the latter of which I made several unsuccessful attempts to photograph. In the end, though, I was satisfied with the photos I got.