Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Angle-winged Katydid

I was surprised to find this katydid approach near my blacklight while I was photographing moths last week. I think this is a Lesser Angle-winged Katydid (Microcentrum retinerve). If not that, it might be the other eastern member of the genus, Greater Angle-winged Katydid. The easiest way to separate the two species is the color of the stridulatory field, which is not clearly visible in this photo. However, the shape of the pronotum and yellowish face seem to fit Lesser more than Greater.

There are a few other katydid species in the area in addition to this one. Each evening in the summer I hear the sharp zzt-zzt-zzt! of the Oblong-winged Katydid outside my window. We also have at least one species of Scudder's Bush Katydid (Scudderia sp.), which I have only found so far in nymphal form.