Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Moths and a Butterfly

When I posted about insects on goldenrod on Sunday, I did not include this moth because I had not identified it yet. It appears to be a Soft-lined Wave (Scopula inductata), a geometer that flies in late summer and early fall. This individual was nectaring at the goldenrod flowers.

This individual has a slightly different pattern than the first moth, but it also appears to be a Soft-lined Wave.

This moth is a crambid, a member of a family of micromoths that are common in grassy habitats. I think this is a Vagabond Crambus (Agriphila vulgivagella). Like the Soft-lined Wave, this species is active in late summer and early fall.

The final insect is a familiar butterfly species that flies from spring through fall. This is a Cabbage White (Pieris rapae), one of our most common species despite being introduced from Europe. I was lucky that this one landed and sunned itself long enough for me to take a few photos. Usually this species is much more difficult to photograph.