Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Birds at Negri-Nepote

Unlike like my last trip to Negri-Nepote, when it was extremely foggy, yesterday was clear and sunny and a bit warm, though not unpleasantly so. A lot of birds were singing near the entrance, including Chipping Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat, and House Wren. Many Tree Swallows were zipping around, but I did not see any other swallow species. At the small pond, there were Killdeer plus three sandpiper species (Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpiper). I heard at least five singing male Grasshopper Sparrows along the paths cutting through the center of the preserve. I was glad to hear these birds again, though unfortunately I did not get a look at any of them. A few Eastern Bluebirds perched on the telephone lines in the middle of the field. Continuing across the fields, I made my way to the woods, where there were some Field and Song Sparrows singing around the edges, as well as an Eastern Phoebe. In the woods were was a lot of activity, mostly from Eastern Towhees and White-throated Sparrows. Near the other side, there was a small flock of warblers that included Palm Warbler , Yellow-rumped Warbler, and my first Northern Parula of the year. As I crossed under the power lines on my way back, I spotted one of the preserve's American Kestrels flying past.

There were a lot of Spring Beauties in and around the woods, especially along the banks of a small stream that flows through the woods.