Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eastern Tailed-blue at Griggstown Grasslands

While Eastern Tailed-blue is one of the most common species in my area, it can be a frustrating butterfly to photograph. These butterflies are tiny, which necessitates a very close approach, but they are skittish enough that a close approach is likely to make them take flight. When they do sit, the usually keep their wings folded over their backs, so that the light gray undersides are visible instead of the brilliant blue uppersides.

So yesterday, I was very happy to find some cooperative Eastern Tailed-blues at Griggstown Grasslands. Perhaps the cooler weather had something to do with it, as these individuals preferred to bask in the sun with their wings open. Maybe they reacted a little more slowly to my approach due to the morning chill. Whatever the reason, these butterflies were a treat.