Wednesday, August 01, 2012

National Moth Week Summary

I did one mothing session in my backyard during National Moth Week. I had hoped to do more, but it did not work out due to rain on many nights and other evening activities on a few nights. I already posted some highlights, but here is a full list of the species I recorded, ordered by Hodges number. (Hodges numbers are named for Ronald Hodges, who compiled a numbered checklist of all known moth species that occur in North America north of Mexico in 1983.)

Acorn Moth Blastobasis glandulella 1162
Beautiful Cosmopterix Moth Cosmopterix pulchrimella 1472
Sweetclover Root Borer Moth Walshia miscecolorella 1615
Spotted Dichomeris Dichomeris punctidiscella 2283
Ailanthus Webworm Moth Atteva aurea 2401
Tufted Apple Budmoth Platynota idaeusalis 3740
Sooty-winged Chalcoela Chalcoela iphitalis 4895
Celery Leaftier Udea rubigalis 5079
Lucerne Moth Nomophila nearctica 5156
Double-banded Grass-veneer Crambus agitatellus 5362
Sod Webworm Pediasia trisecta 5413
Bluegrass Webworm Parapediasia teterrella 5451
Common Tan Wave Pleuroprucha insulsaria 7132
Bent-line Carpet Costaconvexa centrostrigaria 7416
Common Eupithecia Eupithecia miserulata 7474
American Idia Idia americalis 8322
Early Zanclognatha Zanclognatha cruralis 8351
Green Cloverworm Hypena scabra 8465
Black Fungus Moth Metalectra tantillus 8502
Celery Looper Anagrapha falcifera 8924
Large Wainscot Rhizedra lutosa 9447.2
Variable Narrow-wing Moth Magusa divaricata 9637.1
Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth Spodoptera ornithogalli 9669
The Wedgling Galgula partita 9688
The White-Speck / Armyworm Mythimna unipuncta 10438
Linda Wainscot Leucania linda 10445
Pearly Underwing Peridroma saucia 10915

That makes 27 species, plus two unidentified moths (one very worn noctuid and one probable gelechiid). Several species Several moths were new to either my life list or my yard list, like the Sooty-winged Chalcoela. That makes it a fairly typical summer mothing session for the location.