Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bird Links

A few items from around the internet...

Birdchick found an Australian site offering a cat bib to prevent outdoors cats from killing birds. I think that cats would find a way to defeat this device. At any rate, they would be highly insulted at the indignity.

A group in Colorado is seeking support to stop expansion of an Army site in Pinon Canyon. The site is rich in natural history and cultural artifacts, which would be threatened by military maneuvers. (via Coturnix)

Grist has compiled a useful page for anyone involved in climate change arguments: How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic. It has a long list of common objections, along with answers and links to more resources. One of the hardest parts of arguing about climate change is that the forms of denial mutate freely into various mutually contradictory forms, along the lines of "global warming isn't real and fixing it would be too expensive."

Tim Lambert writes that recent Rachel Carson smears and pro-DDT rhetoric have their origin in a tobacco lobby astroturf group. (Update: Eli Rabett makes a similar point.)

The bald eagles nesting in Philadelphia failed. The cause may be a nest predator or storms in early April. (background)