Friday, May 11, 2007

Loose Feathers #98

Long-billed Dowitcher / Photo by Tim Bowman (USFWS)

News and links on birds, birding, and the environment
  • Two House Democrats are trying to include a provision in the defense appropriations bill to prevent the Navy from building a landing field near Pocosin Lakes NWR. You can encourage more Congressional representatives to oppose the landing field by contacting your representative.
  • Gateway National Recreation Area, which includes Jamaica Bay, Sandy Hook, and other sites around New York Bay, was ranked the lowest among 28 national parks for natural resources. The low grades were mainly due to pollution and trash.
  • Some farmers in Ontario clear cut their property to protest Species at Risk legislation. The legislation in question sets out policies for designating critical habitats.
  • Sage grouse are helping to revive local economies in the West through ecotourism.
  • An event in Oregon educated residents about bird life on the Pacific coast's rocky cliffs. The story on the event includes the detail that pelagic cormorants make their nests adhere to the cliffs with excrement. It gives the name of the event - "Bonding with Birds" - a new meaning.
  • The Navy is trying to resolve conflicts with some California residents over its plover habitat management policies. Residents want more room for their dogs to run unleashed.
  • Birder's World has a good summary of the issues involving birds and climate change.
  • This weekend is World Migratory Bird Day.
  • A study by NASA predicts an increase of 10 degrees in averages temperatures for the eastern United States by 2080. This is a higher estimate than previous predictions because the new study predicted fewer rainy days.
  • Warmer temperatures are already causing confusion for migratory birds and other animals. Normally migratory animals may be more likely to migrate at the wrong time or not at all.
  • Great Dismal Swamp, in Virginia, is holding its first birding festival this weekend.
  • Apparently Cheney is not the only person who shoots other hunters in the face.
  • This week A.Word.A.Day is bird-themed, beginning with stormy petrel: "2. One who brings trouble or whose appearance is a sign of coming trouble."
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