Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Signs of Winter Bird Life

When I walked in the state park yesterday evening, I saw more evidence that the local bird population is shifting from summer to winter avifauna. A few days ago, I saw my first yellow-rumped warblers, ruby-crowned kinglets, and golden-crowned kinglets of the season. Yesterday I added white-throated sparrow and dark-eyed junco to the winter bird tally. Shorebirds, terns, and egrets are mostly gone from Bunker Pond, and in their place are small flocks of dabbling ducks. Last night, there were green-winged teal, northern shovelers, American wigeon, and gadwall. In addition, the hawk watch reported a rough-legged hawk.

However, I also saw a house wren and a lingering blackpoll warbler, so the transition is not complete.

My sightings included swamp sparrows, a Lincoln's sparrow, and a white-crowned sparrow.