Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cape May Notes

Today we were hit by a surprise storm, part of the same system that produced the fifth measurable October snowstorm since 1894 in central New Jersey. The heavy wind and rain shut down banding for the day. If anything, the wind today was stronger than on Saturday, with gusts up to 50 mph. Occasionally the house shakes and sways in the wind.

Out of curiosity, I walked outside once the rain had died down. The state park was deserted – counting both people and birds. (I hope that the counters did not have to go out there at all today.) Few birds were out on the beach, either. I saw two savannah sparrows sheltered in the dune line, a ring-billed gull that flew past sideways, and about thirty surf and black scoters huddled against the leeward side of a jetty. The sea was as roiled as I have seen it, with a high chop, globs of foam shooting over the jetty, and clouds of sand blowing down the beach. Since I was having trouble holding my binoculars steady, and sometimes even standing, I did not stay outside for long.